Jonna Williams   |   Assault Survivor & Victims Advocate

Jonna has 13 years of experience advocating for victims of violent crime. Jonna herself is a survivor of Abduction and sexual assault at the age of 13 by a paroled and repeat sexual offender. She is a sought speaker on Victim Impact Panels in prisons and with parolee’s in the state of Iowa. Jonna has been a member of the Victim Advisory Board to the Iowa Department of Corrections since 2007 and has been featured on Iowa Public Radio, the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier publication, and on her local news station for her advocacy work. Jonna holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a master’s degree in Human Services Administration from the University of Northern Iowa. Jonna stands behind the LifeLine Response Application because she believes in the power of knowledge and prevention. She continues to advocate for the safety, prevention, and rights of women and victims.

Jeanine Barone   |   Internationally Published Travel Writer

Jeanine Barone is a well-published travel and food writer with articles that appear in magazines and newspapers, such as National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveller (UK), the Dallas Morning News, the Boston Globe, and Travel + Leisure. As a travel writer, she specializes in hidden treasure travel, hunting down the little known cafe, the under-the-radar museum, or the just opened underground art gallery. Jeanine also has a background as a biologist, nutritionist and exercise physiologist. Jeanine is noted for her savvy packing, she never checks luggage even when traveling for 6+ weeks, and for providing travel tips that help women, in particular, travel safely and securely.

April Rose   |   Actress/Model

April Rose is a spokesperson for LifeLine Response. April is a certified Sexual Assault Medical Counselor who worked on call for sexual assault and rape survivors in Chicago hospitals for six years. A Chicago native, April became aware of the threats to women's safety in the city after a personal experience with sexual assault. Wanting to channel the experience into positive action in the hopes of helping other survivors, April became a Sexual Assault Medical Counselor and acts as liaison between police, hospital staff, and the survivor. Certified by the state, she ensures the survivor's needs are met, evidence is collected correctly and works closely with the survivor's family and friends who are also affected by the crime.

Prior to her work as a Sexual Assault Medical Counselor, April was certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and worked with children and adults with disabilities for three years in a Chicago suburb.